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After 60 years of manufacturing and supplying air, gas and liquid pumps into the medical and environmental industries, Charles Austen Pumps Ltd decided to extend their already spanning range into the Aquatics and Hydroponics market.   With 10 years experience selling Aquatics and Hydroponics pumps and accessories into Europe we now bring the product portfolio to our USA depot, Blue Diamond Pumps Inc, Stocked in Atlanta, and our hub of export in the USA. We are now changing our focus onto establishing and growing a distribution network across the United States.

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Koi Ponds
Our group of companies:
Shepherd Blue Diamond Pumps
Blue Diamond Condensate Pumps UK USA America
Charles Austen Pumps UK Surrey US America
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Blue Diamond Pumps Inc US USA America OEM Condensate Aquatic Hydroponic Enviromental Pump DC BLDC
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